Absolute Wedding Films

Are you looking for a wedding video that is actually worth your investment? Have you been discouraged at the fact that every wedding video website you find contains sample wedding videos that are boring and painful to look at?


     Absolute wedding films was started in 2005 by James and Marianna Player. Back then our company wasn't known as Absolute wedding films but instead as Absolute Productions and Media(more on that later).

     As we were getting into the business and looking at what was currently being done, we ran into many of the same websites that you have probably seen as you have searched for a wedding videographer. Boring samples, horrible picture quality, audio that may as well be nonexistent. We were discouraged right from the start and thought to ourselves, "can a wedding video be like a movie?". With that thought and before we had ever even filmed our first wedding we had set a very lofty goal of making wedding movies.

     We continued our search and found a few companies that were doing stellar work and was even able to arrange some training with one of those companies for 3 days. This wedding video training gave us a great foundation to start from. As the years progressed our wedding videos were truly starting to look like movies so we knew that a name change was in order. Not only was Absolute Productions and Media a lengthy name to say and or remember but even more importantly, it didn't make people think about wedding anything really and instead sounded very techy.

     In 2009 we dropped Absolute Productions and Media for a name that more suited what we were actually doing and Player Wedding Films was born. While this name accurately represented our products and also tied in our last name to show the personal tie that is placed on literally every wedding video we do, we also didn't like it because of... well... our last name. Player wedding films, as I feared was just asking for misinterpretations and/or jokes and shortly after the change we decided to revert back to Absolute Productions and Media until we could think of something more proper.

     A business name change isn't necessarily an easy thing to do. You have marketing materials, a loyal customer base, logo and many other items that you have to change in a methodical fashion for it to work. Even with all these difficulties we decided to one last time change our name and that is when we landed on Absolute Wedding Films. We feel that Absolute Wedding films accurately describes the products that we produce and although it lacks the personal tie that Player wedding films had with our last name in it, the word Absolute does conjure up thoughts of extreme greatness which is exactly what we strive for out of each couples wedding video that we produce.

     Absolute Wedding Films is centrally based in Chapin, South Carolina and frequently works in Charleston, Asheville, Greenville, and Columbia but markets their wedding video services to all couples getting married in South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina but we also provide wedding videos for couples getting married in other states and even other countries.

     If you are looking for a wedding video that is not your standard flare and in fact will blow your mind we urge you to take a look around our site and see what we have to offer. Our guarantee is that you will not leave this site thinking that a wedding video is just a "wedding video".
Contact us today and see if we are available to produce a wedding film for your wedding.

     Talk to you soon,
James and Marianna Player

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